LAT Produce

• Meets and exceeds government traceability requirements which are: Permanent, non-transferable, tamperproof and human readable traceability code

• Lot tracking capabilities, traceability, information gathering, etc.

• Real time on demand printing with instant change-over of anything printed

• Capable of Country of origin labeling

• Capable of  multiple languages

• A  “Green Product”.  Favorable to the environment and consumer health

• No consumables

• No waste and very low energy cost

• All natural process that never comes into contact with the produce

• Can be used with a customer’s existing equipment

• Capable of keeping up with electronic sizer speeds found in packing houses

• Only one laser head per lane is required to meet information requirements

• No additional personnel is needed to maintain constant operation

​• Very, very low operational maintenance costs

Features & Benefits

• Capable of marking produce that adhesive labels cannot, i.e. cucumbers​ 

• Eliminates the high cost of adhesive labels

• Eliminates the high cost of adhesive label inventory

​• Eliminates the high cost of excess expired adhesive labels

​• Eliminates the high cost of adhesive label maintenance

​• Eliminates the consumer's complaints with adhesive labels

Adhesive Labels