LAT Produce

The Natural Light Labeling System has been specifically designed to easily integrate into and interface with the customer’s current or new packinghouse equipment. Our patented application of laser technology facilitates printing on produce with precise control without degradation to the product. This precise control of emitted light removes the pigment layer from the surface of the produce to reveal a contrasting sub-layer. Because this removal process has been designed not to penetrate the surface or “skin” of the produce, it therefore, does not promote decay. Product Look-up Code (PLU), Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), Grower Lot Numbers and any other requested security information can be implemented. Not only is each piece of produce permanently coded but also the specific information can be stored electronically for any period of time. The laser light printing process is earth-friendly by using no consumables to label the produce. Other direct benefits include being an all-natural process that never has contact with the produce.

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